From Tokyo Workcation Club: Tokyo Toji (Black-onsen)

Most of Japanese people like onsen. Although onsen are called hot springs in English, the temperature of onsen stipulated by Japanese law is not necessarily hot. It is called onsen if it is 25°C or higher. And it is called onsen that contains specified ingredients even if it is lower than 25°C. Therefore, it canContinue reading “From Tokyo Workcation Club: Tokyo Toji (Black-onsen)”

From Tokyo Workcation Club: October 2020 (Start)

Hi, this is ꓷ:O⅄IHↃ at Tokyo.I’m an organizer of Tokyo Workcation Club. Although the promotion of Japanese government “Go To Travel” had been started, we, who live in Tokyo, where many people are infected with COVID-19, were not eligible. In October 1st, 2020, at last we are able to participate it, but the reality isContinue reading “From Tokyo Workcation Club: October 2020 (Start)”

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