From Tokyo Workcation Club: Tokyo Toji (Black-onsen)

Most of Japanese people like onsen. Although onsen are called hot springs in English, the temperature of onsen stipulated by Japanese law is not necessarily hot. It is called onsen if it is 25°C or higher. And it is called onsen that contains specified ingredients even if it is lower than 25°C. Therefore, it canContinue reading “From Tokyo Workcation Club: Tokyo Toji (Black-onsen)”

From Tokyo Workcation Club: October 2020 (Start)

Hi, this is ꓷ:O⅄IHↃ at Tokyo.I’m an organizer of Tokyo Workcation Club. Although the promotion of Japanese government “Go To Travel” had been started, we, who live in Tokyo, where many people are infected with COVID-19, were not eligible. In October 1st, 2020, at last we are able to participate it, but the reality isContinue reading “From Tokyo Workcation Club: October 2020 (Start)”

Aren’t Japanese people misunderstanding about the buffet?

After self-isolation, we are going to restaurants that offer salad bars. The COVID-19 measures for each restaurants are not the same, but all the restaurants we visited were thorough. And I realized that the risk of buffets is not higher than Japanese people are thinking about it. Certainly, buffets may be risky if we shareContinue reading “Aren’t Japanese people misunderstanding about the buffet?”

For whom is the best for Work From Onsen?

⚠️Monochrome photos are better for this post, I think. Reiji Iizuka, who is an onsen writer, wrote these (Japanese language.) It was started the promotion “温泉 BIZ (Onsen BIZ)” for working from hot springs area in Japan. Chiyoko met him and asked him to sign the book she bought, and she wrote this (Japanese language.) reading “For whom is the best for Work From Onsen?”

How to work on vacation?

The theme of Instameet, that Chiyoko participated yesterday, was “#AfternoonWalk.” She decided to go to a hobby footbath, but due to the influence of COVID-19, our range of action was limited.We acted only in Saitama, but there were few footbaths than the other prefecture. About 60km oneway by car from our home. It was aContinue reading “How to work on vacation?”

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