Aren’t Japanese people misunderstanding about the buffet?

After self-isolation, we are going to restaurants that offer salad bars.

The COVID-19 measures for each restaurants are not the same, but all the restaurants we visited were thorough.

And I realized that the risk of buffets is not higher than Japanese people are thinking about it.

Certainly, buffets may be risky if we share them with others or go get them many times.

Is the place where the cluster occurred in the “buffet-style dinner” reported by the Japanese Ministry really a restaurant?

They say:
“Sports gym, houseboat, buffet style dinner, mahjong villa, ski guesthouse, closed temporary tent”

Yes, thay didn’t say about place of buffet.
Doesn’t this mean a buffet-style stand-up party?

If so…
It’s the parties that are at high risk, not the buffet.

Published by Kazuhiko Kusayanagi

Solitude Activist / Telework Studio .933 - CKO / 1LDO - CIO

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